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A few articles and compilations representative of the activities of the Laboratory are given below. Articles consist of scientific reports; compilations consist of a thematic assemblage of scientific materials providing a general view of the state of knowledge in specific fields



-   Aubekerov, B., Sala, R., Nigmatova, S. 2003. 'Changes of Atmospheric Circulation, Paleoclimate and Paleogeography in the Tienshan-Balkhash System', PAGES news, vol. 11, No2-3. (download pdf)

- Aubekerov B.Z., Koshkin V.Y., Sala R., Nigmatova S.A. and Deom J.M., 'Prehistorical and Historical Stages of Development of Lake Balkhash'. In: Watanabe M. and Kubota J. (eds.), 2010. Reconceptualizing Cultural and Environmental Change in Central Asia: An Historical Perspective on the Future. Proceedings of the International Workshop (Kyoto, Japan 1-2 February 2009), Kyoto-Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Ili Project, p.49-76 (pdf )

- Sala R., Deom J.-M., Nigmatova S., Endo K., Kubota J. 'Soviet, recent and planned studies of the behavior of the Balkhash lake'. In: News of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, series of Geology and Technical sciences, Vol.2, №416, 2016, pp.76-86 (pdf) 

- Sala, R., Aubekerov, B.Z., Deom J.-M., Geography and cultural landscapes of Kazakhstan. Published in German:
Renato Sala and Bolat Aubekerov, 'Geografie und Kulturlandschaften in Kasachstan'. In: Th. Stollner and Z. Samashev (eds.), Unbekanntes Kasachstan. Archäologie im herzen Asiens. Band I. Katalog der Ausstellung des Deutschen Bergbau-Museums Bochum 26 Januar -30. Juni 2013, Bochum, 2013, p. 41-54.(pdf )

Ancient land and water use

-  Clarke, D., Sala, R., Deom, J., Meseth, E. 2005. 'Reconstructing irrigation at the Otrar Oasis, Kazakhstan 800-1700 AD' in  C. Oligh (ed.) Integrated Land and Water Resources Management in History, Schriften der Deutschen Wasserhistorischen Gesellschaft (DWhG), Sonderband 2, Siegburg, pp 251-264. (pdf)

-  Sala R. (2003). Groundwater galleries in Middle East and Central Asia. (pdf)

-  Sala R., Deom J.M., The 261 Karez of the Sauran Region (Middle Syrdarya), in: Transoxiana (Online Journal), №13, August 2008,

-  Sala R., Deom J.M., Clarke D. (2010) 'The “Karez” of the Sauran Region (Turkestan oasis). In: Water Science & Technology: Water Supply, Vol 10, No 4, p. 656–663.[ pdf]

-  Sala R., Deom J.M., 'Evaluation of the ratio of natural and anthropogenic forcing in the regression of the Aral sea during the Medieval Warm Period'. In: PAGES GOA 2013, 4th OSM (13-16th Feb), Program and abstracts, OSM13: Past Warm Periods Informing the Anthropocene, p.113. Poster in pdf

 -  Sala R. 2017 Ancient Water Mining in Tunnels and Wells in West Central Asia. In: A.N. Angelakis, E. Chiotis, S. Eslamian, H. Weingartner (Eds.). Underground Aqueducts Handbook, Ch. 20, London: CRC Press), pp. 333-359. (pdf)


-  Sala, R., Deom, J. (2005) Bronze Age human habitats of Semirechie. In: Vsia Asia No 6, Almaty (in English and Russian). (pdf) (figures)

-  Geoarchaeological survey of Eastern Pamirs (4000 m asl) (html document)

- Sala, R., Deom, J. (2009).'Ancient Wild Game Management in Arid Regions: New Evidences from the Northern Ustyurt Plateau (Kazakhstan)' In: Nauchnye chteniya pamyati N.E. Masanova:sbornik materialov nauchno-prakticheskoi konferentsii Almaty, 25-26 Aprelya 2008, Almaty, Daik-Press: 135-141.(pdf ) 

- Deom J.-M., Aubekerov B., Sala R., Nigmatova S. 'Quaternary Evolution of the Human Habitats in the Ili-Balkhash Region from Paleolithic to Modern Times'. In: Toward a Sustainable Society in Central Asia: An Historical Perspective on the Future. Proceedings of the International Workshop, Almaty, 9-10 January 2012, Kyoto, 2012, p.49-58. (pdf) 

Rock art

- Sala, R., Semiological methods in rock art studies. In: Rol nomadov v formirovanii kulturnogo naslediya Kazakhstana: sbornik materialov mezhdunarodnaya nauchno-prakticheskoi konferentsii (Masanovskie chteniya – 2009) Almaty, 23-24 Aprelya 2009 g., Almaty, 2010. (In print) (pdf ) 

- Sala R (2012) 'Semantic study of images of bulls and horns in the petroglyph tradition of western Central Asia', Historic cultural heritage and modern culture. Proceedings of the International Scientific-Practical Seminar. Almaty (Service Press), p.105-113 [pdf]

- Sala, R., Deom, J. (2016) Spatial analysis of the Kuljabasy archaeological complex. In: (A. Saduakasuly, B.Baitanaev, B.Zheleznyakov, eds), Drevnosti Zhetysi. Pamyatniki arkheologii Zhambulskogo rayona [Semirechie antiquities. Archaeological monuments of the Zhambyl district], Almaty, p. 73-87 [pdf]


- Sala R., 'The Medieval urbanization of Semirechie'. In: Watanabe M. and Kubota J. (eds.), 2010. Reconceptualizing Cultural and Environmental Change in Central Asia: An Historical Perspective on the Future. Proceedings of the International Workshop (Kyoto, Japan 1-2 February 2009), Kyoto-Research Institute for Humanity and Nature,  Ili Project, p.117-150. (pdf )

-Sala R.,'The Medieval Urbanization of Northern Central Asia and the International Monetary System'. In : Geologiya v XXI veke. Materialy nauchno-prakticheskoi konferentsii“Satpaevskie chteniya”. Almaty 14-15 April 2011 [Geology in the XXI century. Proceedings of the scientific conference "Satpaev readings", Almaty 14-15 April 2011]. Almaty, 2011, p.425-430. (pdf ) 

Cultural diffusion

- Sala R., 'The Spread of Buddhism From Gandhara to South, West and East Central Asia (I BC - XIV AD)'. 2017 publication (pdf)

- Deom J.-M. 'Buddhist sites of Afghanistan and West Central Asia'. Article submitted to International Workshop on Gandharan Heritage, Islamabad, Pakistan, 1-3 December 2010 (pdf)  

- Deom J.-M., Islamization and Early Sufism in Central Eurasia during the Pre-Mongolian Period (8th-13th centuries AD) (pdf)




Didactic compilations

-  The Climatic System

-  Geoarcheology in Kazakhstan: paleogeography, paleoclimate, location of monuments (TEXT)

-  Historical survey of irrigation practices in west Central Asia (TEXT)

-  Underground water galleries in Middle East and Central Asia (TEXT)  (FIGURES)

-  Survey, study and protection of cultural properties: operational guidelines








-  Baibatsha, A.B., Aubekerov, B.J. (2003) Quaternary geology of Kazakhstan. Almaty, Niz Flym (in Russian)

-  Rogozhinsky, A. (ed) (2004) Rock Art sites of Central Asia: documentation, conservation, management, community participation. Almaty, NIPI PMK (hard copy in Russian, CD in English). Pages 176, color photos pp 20. Price of hard copy plus mailing: 23 EURO; selling contact:  (TEXT) (FIGURES-TAMGALY) (FIGURES-KULJABASY)

-  Sala, R., Deom, J.M. (2017) Geoarcheologiya aridnoi zony: na primere Kazakhstana [Arid land geoarchaeology with study cases from Kazakhstan],Almaty, "Kazak Universiteti"  206 pages.





-  Sala, R., Deom, J. (2005) Petroglyphs of South Kazakhstan. Almaty, Lab of Geoarchaeology (in English and Russian). Pages 150, color photos 112. (TEXT)  (FIGURES-PHOTOS) (FIGURES-MAPS)





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In preparation:

-  Alan Medoev: selected works. Almaty, Lab of Geoarchaeology (in English)

-  Sala, Deom, Aubekerov (eds) (2010) Men and waters in the development of the Turkestan civilization. Almaty, Lab of Geoarchaeology, Almaty (in English and Russian)






-  "The works of Alan Medoev and the present geoarchaeological researches in Kazakhstan". Celebration of 70th anniversary of the birth of A Medoev (16-IV-2004), Conference hall of the Institute of Geology, Almaty

-  "Petroglyphs of South Kazakhstan". Almaty Gallery Myn Oi, May 2004; Chimkent Regional Museum, June-July 2004; Turkestan Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum, August-September 2004; Astana, January 2006


Press articles

-  'Avoiding the next Central Asian water-level catastrophe' in INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, supplement KAZAKHSTAN, 30 June 2009, p.14 (download article)

-  'Save Lake Balkhash!' in TENGRI (Air Astana magazine), 3 (20), May-June 2009, pp.100-103 (download article)



-  Channel-4 & National Geographic (2005) Going to extremes: the Silk Routes - Kazakhstan. Documentary (54 minutes), part 2. Keofilms, director Mat Dickinson. Next shown on National Geographic. Links: Channel 4 History of the Silk Route; Nick Middleton's website

-  'Central Asian lake under threat' (2009) Reportage by Robin Forestier-Walker for Al-Jazeera (, August 24, 2009 ) (download clip)